Kim, 20

one piece-95%
dumb personal post-5%

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Please stop me from liking corazon bec i know that he is going be dead soon and then im going to be dead


Here’s how Naruto should end: Last panel is Naruto standing proudly over Konohagakure. Slowly zoom out to reveal Luffy staring into a snowglobe with a miniature Konoha inside it. Usopp asks him what he’s doing. Luffy replies “Thinkin’ bout ninjas! Ninjas are cool!” and then chucks it off the ship


more like what’s a word that defines them

Anonymous: Charades?

Nah its not charades but i see why you think that… Someone already told me that its called show me :)


HELLO FRIENDS so im gonna ask a weird question, so im on my internship tomorrow and gonna go handle kids and teenagers yeah yeah i know right… SO IM GONNA GET TO THE POINT WHATS THE NAME OF THE GAME where you say a senaryo ex:play ground and they create that senaryo using their bodies (they are in groups btw) SO WHO PUTS THE BEST RECOGNIZABLE PLAYGROUND SENARYO WINS so do you know the name of that game?

Tell us your real name!


Luffy’s like the only character I know who never belongs in the trash at any point ever